GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Nowadays, a lot of young people say that being a content creator in the YouTube world is a dream of theirs.

MrBeast speaks out on transphobic comments made about one of his collaborators, Chris Tyson

If you make it big time on the popular video platform, it sounds like it would be a pretty cool job getting to tell people you get to play games or do fun challenges all the time.

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According to Forbes, the ten highest-earning YouTubers in 2021 collectively made about $300 million. That includes MrBeast, who is far ahead of the other collaborators. He said as cool as this sounds, a career is not just about the money. You also want to enjoy your job and feel satisfied with what you do.

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Some YouTubers quit and then come back to pick up their career again. Some though, never join the platform again. That’s true for his older brother, C.J. Donaldson, who also made YouTube videos. He got into it in August of 2019, according to a story from Unilad. People soon began saying he was trying to capitalize on his brother’s success.

MrBeast named one of the most influential people by Time magazine

He took a break from posts in October 2020 and hasn’t posted since June 5, 2021, to his account.

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MrBeast, the most subscribed YouTuber on the planet, has opened up on why he believes that some call it quits.

After this, he said once you start hiring employees, you can’t just take a break from that. Everything will fall apart if the creator disappears. He compares it to being an elite-level athlete and the CEO of a publicly traded company at the same time.

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