GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast and his crew have recently been up in the air a lot.

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In this video, they take flights ranging from $1 to a $500,000 flight on a jet. There’s also a $25,000 flight on a jet, $10,000 first-class seat, a blimp and more.

Before he flies luxuriously though, he takes the world’s cheapest flight, costing just $1. It’s certainly a little scary and not something you’d willingly want to do. Check out the video to see the airplane.

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The next plane is a $1,000 first-class ticket. It comes with personal hygienic products, a meal, pajamas and more. To see what else comes with this kind of seat, check out the video.

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The next flight is $10,000. It comes with a tablet, huge touchscreen TV, a personal in-seat bar and snacks. The bathroom is also much bigger than a normal plane bathroom, including a shower.

The $25,000 plane ticket contains different levels inside the plane. You also get your own “room” on this flight. To see what comes in this room and the other luxuries of this flight, click here!

After all the expensive commercial flights, they move to jets. The first is $100,000. There are four rooms on this plane, all of them equally as luxurious with snacks, TV and more. If you get tired, there is a whole private bedroom with a pretty big bed. They compare it to a hotel.

Best of MrBeast: Extreme hide-and-seek challenge for large amount of cash

Quite a few events take place on the $300,000 blimp, which ends up taking a trip to a famous sporting event. You have to check it out.

They end with the most expensive jet. When they get on board, the attendant tells them to take their shoes off as the floor cost $2,000,000. By square feet, the jet is bigger than their houses. There are five bedrooms and in each bathroom is a shower and gold-plated sinks. They also offer massages on this flight.

At the end, they invited fans on the jet and took them on an all-expenses paid trip to Disney World.

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