GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Chris Tyson, a regular in MrBeast’s videos and one of his close friends, shared a photo to celebrate Pride Month.

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MrBeast has millions of subscribers and followers on every social media platform, so this was something that quickly spread across the internet. There were many reactions to the content creator deciding they were going to explore other options when it came to their gender.

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The original tweet was posted in April, stating this:

With June recognized as Pride Month, Tyson shared a photo of themself showing off the new look since beginning the HRT a few months in.

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As Tyson moves through this process, he has kept fans updated and expressed he is thankful for the love from them. Tyson has pointed out that their hairline and facial shape have changed drastically and they are thankful for the constant body positivity.

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