GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Ever seen a $1 car versus one worth $100 million? MrBeast will show you.

Was that MrBeast flying economy?

His latest YouTube video starts with him standing in front of the most expensive cars in the world, going all the way up to $100 million. Even though these cars cost a lot, MrBeast says they will be exploding, sailing, driving and even flying them to show why they’re so costly.

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Starting with the $1 car, he calls it the “rust bucket.” Click here to find out why.

The $100,000 car impresses them by literally driving by itself. The car has multiple rows that can easily fit his team. MrBeast even takes his hands off the wheel and it switches lanes on its own.

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Even though the next car is double the price of the $100,000 car, it’s only half the space, which could be seen as a negative. They take the car all the way up to 130 mph. Click here to see the rest of its perks.

The $300,000 car is referred to as the “safest car on the planet” and almost looks like a tank. The car is bulletproof with thick windows. It’s also encased in explosive-proof armor. In MrBeast fashion, when it comes to explosives, he puts that to the test.

The $500,000 car can turn into a boat. On land, it’s considered a normal car, but once you drive it into the water, it becomes a boat. It drives just like a regular car, but it’s floating on water.

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The $600,000 car is the most impressive one yet. The car is completely street-legal but it also has wings that can take it 8,000 feet in the sky. They even take it up in the air. Click here to see that.

With the $1 million car, he races a bunch of them and it even includes another YouTuber, CodyKo. The $2 million car is completely powered by hydrogen and exhales drinkable water as exhaust. Since it’s still under development, they were only able to get a prototype that has never been driven on the road.

Even though it’s a smaller car, it’s still impressive as the door closes with the push of a button. It also tops out at 221 miles an hour.

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The most powerful car, costing a whopping $10 million, is sitting at a racetrack waiting for them. The car waiting for them is the only one in existence. It is the world’s fastest production car with literal diamonds in the paint. It also features a twin-turbocharged V8 engine.

To see the rest of the extravagant cars, including one owned by Jay Leno that’ll blow your mind and two that literally blew off MrBeast’s hat, click here.

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