GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — MrBeast continues to come up with more unique ideas that contain giving out money and doing good deeds.

At the beginning of his latest video on Facebook, MrBeast got 100 watermelons … yes 100 watermelons … and put them all in a big, spread-out circle. One out of those 100 had a $1 million check inside of it. He then gave the participants a sledgehammer and told them they could pick one watermelon to hit. If they hit the one with the money in it, they would become a millionaire.

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The first participant in the video studied each watermelon very closely to make his choice. He chooses one that does in fact have a check inside, but it’s for $1,000. Even though it’s not the full million, he’s still pleasantly surprised.

MrBeast then shows him that if he would have gone 10 watermelons to the right, he would’ve gotten that huge check.

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The next segment in the video contains 10 cups. One of those cups has a cheeseball in it. If the participant chooses the cup with the cheeseball under it, he gets the Tesla that’s owned by MrBeasts co-host, Chris.

If you can believe it, the participant became the luckiest kid in the world, receiving $1,900 and a Tesla.

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Next, MrBeast gets his three friends together and each orders a pizza from:

  • Papa Johns
  • Domino’s
  • Pizza Hut

Whichever delivery driver got to their destination first, will be tipped $10,000. The first driver to get there was from Domino’s. What made it even more special was that as soon as MrBeast and his friends came out of the house, the driver knew exactly who they were.

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In the last part of this video, MrBeast goes into a local Food Lion and claims he’s going to buy everything in the store.

As you can imagine, that took forever. He only ended up buying half of the stuff in the supermarket, but it still totaled up to $122,000.

Don’t you start to wonder where he comes up with these incredible ideas for videos? We sure do.

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