GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A Lamborghini is a lot of people’s dream car. MrBeast just has fun with them. It’s one of the interesting things you’ll see in his newest video.

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At the beginning of the video, he puts eight large dominoes in front of an abandoned 7-Eleven retail store to see how badly they can crush it. The domino tasked with doing the trick turns out to be the largest one that’s ever been made.

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The next part of the video is the gang blowing up an entire replicated Minecraft village. The booms only get bigger from there as they take the same approach with exploding different-sized safes with dynamite.

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In the next part of MrBeast’s new video, he gives one guy the chance to take home a Lamborghini. He just has to protect it from three tanks MrBeast brings in to try to destroy it.

The man has to build a fortress to protect the vehicle from mortar rounds the tanks will be shooting. He gets to buy the protection with MrBeast’s credit card. If he is able to buy enough and keep the Lamborghini from being destroyed, he gets to take it home.

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The video also includes the gang bringing in a rollercoaster in an attempt to launch one of the carts on it. As you’d expect, explosives were used there, too.

Finally comes the world’s biggest shredder. They put all kinds of things into it, including a vending machine full of Hershey’s Chocolate bars, (a jab at MrBeast’s Feastables candy bar competition). They throw in other objects such as recliners and even a porta potty. Once they cleaned it out, it was time to put another Lamborghini into it.

Overall, Greenville’s MrBeast spared nothing in making his latest video a big bang.

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