GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The difference between a $1 vacation and a $250,000 vacation is not that easy to imagine. It becomes clearer when we get to really see it, thanks to MrBeast.

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He starts with the $1 vacation in something loosely referred to as a house in the middle of Latin America. It hardly has walls, a “bed” which is really just a mattress on a block of wood and a broken light. The floors are just sand, and a raccoon joins in on the visit. In fact, it wasn’t even a dollar, it was 93 cents (Jimmy rounded up).

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The next vacation comes out to $10,000 and is in a much better house. It came with a private pool and a walk directly onto the beach. It also had a giant spa, a park filled with flamingoes and unlimited room service. They even each had their own individual floor and balcony.

The $50,000 vacation takes place all the way in Paris. It started with a private luxury ferry ride. It also came with what he referred to as fantastic food, a tour of the entire city and a luxury hotel room with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, they get the entire thing to themselves for a night. To see what that’s like and if they made it to the top, click the above link to see the video.

Next, they went to Switzerland for a $100,000 vacation. It had some things that you can’t even imagine, considering some of the most powerful world leaders have stayed there.

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Last is the $250,000 vacation that takes place in Japan. It begins with them driving Mario Karts on the street. They also met with a master swordsman who gave them lessons.

One of the places they went is what MrBeast called “the craziest place he’s ever been.” Plus, that’s when he got to meet his friend and former top YouTube performer PewDiePie. Earlier this year, MrBeast passed him in YouTube followers.

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