North Carolina’s governor has signed an executive order to ban state government agencies from using a job applicant’s salary history in the hiring process.

On Wednesday, in honor of Equal Pay Day, Gov. Roy Cooper signed Executive Order No. 93, which prohibits state agencies under the Governor’s oversight from requesting salary history from job applicants and directs them to avoid relying on previously obtained salary history information to determine an applicant’s salary.

It also directs the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources to remove employment salary history fields from state employment applications as soon as possible.

Since state employee salary history is a public record, the Executive Order mandates that the Office of State Human Resources work to ensure previous salary information is not used in a discriminatory way.

According to the Governor’s Office, median earnings for men in North Carolina are $45,000, while median earnings for women statewide are $36,400, putting women’s pay in North Carolina at 32nd in the nation. Hispanic women in North Carolina who work full time throughout the year earn 51 percent less than white male workers in North Carolina.

Gov. Cooper said, “Women have strengthened our state and our country for generations, but an unfair wage gap continues to hurt women workers—especially women of color. This Equal Pay Day, my administration is taking action to address the gender pay gap among state workers.”