6th-grade girl starts GoFundMe to help Coast Guard during shutdown

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Five weeks into the government shutdown with no end in sight, an 11-year-old girl is trying to raise money to help those being affected.

Aubrey, who lives in Alexandria, Virginia, heard about 42,000 Coast Guard families who did not get paid even though they are still working. 

“As a military dependent I can’t imagine my dad not being paid,” she wrote on her GoFundMe page. 

Her father is on active duty in the Navy and is stationed in Washington D.C. Aubrey decided she wanted to help the families not receiving a paycheck by giving them money donated to her through a GoFundMe. 

Her goal – $5,000 and she hopes the campaign goes viral.

“These Coast Guard families are facing financial problems and this is our turn to STEP UP,” Aubrey wrote. “Our military is who keeps us safe from harm, and without them, we wouldn’t be the United States of America.”

So, how will she give the money raised to the families? Aubrey will be giving the money in the form of gift cards to grocery stores and gas stations or cash to help pay bills. Aubrey says all the money donated will be given to Coast Guard families, but she isn’t stopping there — she has a plan. 

“When this need ends, I plan to do research to determine other people that would benefit from this type of donation,” she wrote on GoFundMe. “In the event, there is any leftover money or gift cards, I will provide an update on the group/population that will receive them.”

Erron Marie, Aubrey’s mom, says, “The need is SOOOO EXTREME right now! She has families reaching out right now and the funds are almost gone!”

Erron says Coast Guard affiliation is checked and verified. 

If you would like to help Aubrey assist Coast Guard families in need or want more information, visit her ‘Anchored in Love’ GoFundMe page by clicking here

“Together WE can make a difference!” Aubrey says.

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