94-year-old woman told 1934 life insurance policy no longer exists

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Eleanor Fetkin’s mother bought a MetLife life insurance policy for her 9-year-old daughter in 1934. Money was tight back then, but Fetkin’s mother paid 20 cents per-week until the policy was paid off.

“My dad worked as a coal miner in the coal mines, and they didn’t make that much money,” Fitkins said.

Eleanor, now 94, remembers the day her mother handed over this piece of paper and told her to take care of it.

“She gave that to me when I got married. She said, ‘Here, this belongs to you,’ and that was it.”

She kept the policy is pristine condition all of those years. It’s now worth $1,200. Eleanor needs the money to help pay for nursing home care now. 

But when her family went to cash in the policy, they say they were told by MetLife Insurance that the policy no longer exists. 

Bob Fetkin, her son, has taken up the fight. He says he got the runaround and then finally was told by MetLife that the policy was cashed out at some point, and the money was turned over to the state of California, where Eleanor used to live. 

Fetkin says California records don’t show the money either. 

“I guess I felt like a company that big would be able to keep better records,” Fetkin said. 

We contacted MetLife and were told they would track down what happened to this policy and how Eleanor can get her money back.


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