Another hiker goes missing on Maui


 On Maui, the search for Amanda Eller has ended as a success, but now crews who were part of her search are putting their efforts into finding another missing hiker. 

Noah “Kekai” Mina was last seen a week ago, on Monday. His father was the last one who spoke to him. He says Kekai was hiking up the Kapilau ridge.

“He told me that he was hiking up at the ridge, and he wanted to see clarity,” said Vincent Mina, Kekai’s father.

Vincent Mina says that’s normal, as his son had been looking to nature to cure a recent psychosis.

“He had a high fever a few months ago that led to a psychosis and his kidneys were starting to be challenged along after that high fever. With that, he was having a difficult time re-orienting himself to the reality of what he knows to be true,” said Mina.

He says Kekai would hike to clear his mind, since it has helped him in the past. The Kapilau Ridge was just three miles from their home.
After Mina talked with his son about the hike, additional calls went to voicemail. His father says he decided to go up the ridge to find him. He says he was only able to get about 1,500 feet up the bridge.

“We were concerned about taking a path like that and I don’t know what he took with him,” said Mina. “I was just focused on getting up to where he was and… [being] with him. I’m his dad, you know?”.

They’ve been unable to find him ever since. 

However, they believe they may have found his slippers about 2,500 feet up the ridge.

The family says today, they’ve taken a helicopter ride up the ridge to canvas the land. 

They’re planning to send out a search party tomorrow, at the break of dawn, with infra-red technology to find him. 

“We see him coming home. I have not lost, at all, any hope of faith that he’s not coming home. One way or the other, we’re going to bring him home,” said Mina. 

For now, Kekai’s father asks people to continue praying for his son and to visit the “Bring Kekai Home” page for any updates.


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