CDC warns against eating raw cookie dough, Duncan Hines cake mixes


The Centers for Disease Control, along with the FDA, have recalled some items you may be using this holiday season, items which could contain food-borne illnesses like Salmonella and E-coli.

Some of your favorite cereal brands, romaine lettuce, even your Thanksgiving turkey have been recalled this year. Now, some baking products are a part of that warning too.

The Centers for Disease Control is warning people to steer clear of another favorite holiday treat, raw cookie dough.

This comes after four Duncan Hines cake mix varieties were taken off the shelves. 

Classic White, Golden Butter, Signature Confetti and Classic Yellow with the expiration dates between March 7 and March 13 201]9 were taken off store shelves.

“I do enjoy eating cookie dough myself, but with there being a higher rate of occurrence this year particularly with infection rates of Salmonella we just encourage that you try to avoid it,” said Dr. Gonzalo Becerra, MD, Greenville Family Doctors.

“If you think about how animals use the bathroom and it may travel over to where the grain is being grown, so that is kind of where the E-Coli comes into effect and the eggs are at risk for being contaminated with Salmonella,” said Heather Reburn, LDN, Nutrition Plus, Greenville. 

For additional food safety and handling tips, click here. 

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