CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — An elderly man from Christiansburg has been missing for nearly two weeks.

The family of 86-year-old Siegfried Holzer hasn’t seen him since Wednesday, February 22. The Christiansburg Police Department reported that his car was found in West Virginia. There’s now a $10,000 reward being offered to help find him.

His wife, Brenda Holzer hasn’t seen him since he left the house that day. She said, “My husband put on a hat and a jacket. He said ‘I’m going to go to the store’ to drop off one of the tools he has and he would be back. I said ‘are you sure you know how to come back?’ He said ‘yeah I know, don’t worry about me.'”

The family says Holzer was seen on a security camera leaving the Power Zone hardware store in Christiansburg. Law enforcement reported that they tracked his vehicle to a location in Hardy, West Virginia. Then, the Hardy County Sheriff’s Office found his vehicle near the 1100 block of State Road in Baker West Virginia.

His son, Michael Holzer told WFXR, “Police up there tracked his scent about 75 yards up from the car so they believe another person probably picked him up.”

Police were able to return the car but still haven’t located Holzer. The family also says they’ve been reaching out to local hospitals and homeless shelters in Hardy to find out if they’ve seen him.

Holzer’s family asks anyone with any information or security cam video to call the police and report it. They say he could have been around Route 55 between 8 p.m. And 11 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22.

The family said he’s been living in Christiansburg since the 1970s and is a retired Virginia Tech professor, who taught for about 30 years.

They told police, he was last seen wearing blue jeans, blue tennis shoes, and an orange, maroon, and white Virginia tech jacket.

Brenda Holzer shared that he’s gotten lost once before but found his way back. She hopes he finds his way back home again.