Consumer group: Most sunscreen on the market wouldn’t meet proposed FDA standards

Sunscreen on Shelf at Store

A consumer activist organization says nearly two-thirds of sunscreens on the market probably don’t do the job and are likely unsafe.

The Environmental Working Group says those sunscreens would flunk new standards proposed by the Food and Drug Administration in February.

That’s because they either contain oxybenzone, a chemical linked to hormone changes in men and shorter pregnancies for women, or they don’t meet FDA standards for UVA protection, according to the group.

The group’s 2019 sunscreens guide looked into more than 1,300 products on the market.

The FDA’s proposed guidelines would require more studies into the safety and effectiveness of 12 different active ingredients currently marketed in sunscreen. It would recognize two active ingredients as safe and effective, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

In a statement in February, the Personal Care Products Council said FDA findings might confuse consumers and discourage the use of sunscreen.

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