Myrtle Beach gymnastics facilities offer K-12 schooling alternative


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Gymnastics facilities are serving as a schooling alternative for students and parents during the pandemic.

The Ultimate Gymnastics Facility (UGA) in Myrtle Beach serves as a one-stop-shop this school year to help make sure students don’t fall behind academically, physically, or socially.

Five days a week, starting at 7:15 a.m., UGA has opened its doors beyond gymnastics practice to academic classes.

It’s serving as a hub for parents who have to go back to work to make a living but want to make sure their student doesn’t fall behind.

“I can see now since we started this program that the kids, we have them on a schedule, they can get their work done, every child here, their grades are A’s and B’s,” Lauren Foxworth, Owner of UGA, said.

Teachers and tutors are brought in to help K-12 students with assignments, and coaches, well, you can say they’ve been acting as P.E. teachers.

The owner of the facility, Lauren Foxworth, says they’re trying to take some stress off parents while creating a safe classroom environment for students.

“I have a lot of parents that had to go back to work and have to make a living. They can’t leave their children at home and schools aren’t open for them. They needed a place where they felt safe for their children to be at where we could also help them with school,” Foxworth said.

From back tucks to school assignments, and additional desks and chairs next to trampolines, the program comes as a result from the pandemic.

Foxworth says her staff has a schedule of all the student’s live lessons.

“As soon as we open, the kids come in and we have a schedule of all their live lessons to make sure they are on with their teachers when they are supposed to be,” Foxworth said.

Foxworth says the gym has not had any positive cases since they’ve been offering the program since August, and UGA will continue to offer the academic alternative as long as hybrid continues.

Temperatures are checked every morning, and students wear a mask when they can’t social distance.

Registration will continue to stay open, and you can contact UGA at (843) 839-3547 or

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