Keanu Reeves has built a reputation as a “good guy.” Now, people are noticing the 54-year-old’s niceness goes beyond his random acts of kindness — he also shows respect for women by keeping his hands off them in photos.

Stories about Reeves’ selfless acts have circulated online for years. He once helped an entire bus full of stranded people. Legend has it that he gave a crew member on one of his movies $20,000, and drove a stranger home when her car broke down. The list goes on and on.

But when a Twitter user found several photos of the “John Wick” star hovering his hand a few inches away from the women he was posing with, the internet fell even more in love with the actor. Is Keanu intentionally not touching women’s waists and the smalls of their backs? Many people believe the proof is in the pictures.

Photos of Reeves with several women — including Dolly Parton — show him avoiding making contact with his hands. Other photos for red carpets show the “Always Be My Maybe” star often keeps his hands visible, or in his pockets. The sleuth who first noticed Reeves’ “no touching” trend said the actor does it because he’s not taking any chance.

One Twitter user suggested Reeves is following an etiquette rule that is typical in South Korea: “Hover hands” is a sign of good manners there.

Reeves may have just been raised to be polite. In a 2011 BBC interview, Reeves said the one English trait he learned from his mother, who is from the U.K., was manners. 

Regardless of why he does it, the internet finds it endearing. Some started hailing Reeves as “The Respectful King.”

CBS News has reached out to a rep for Reeves for comment. He has addressed viral trends involving himself before. In 2011, he alluded to the “Sad Keanu” meme — a photo of a forlorn look Reeves on a park bench — in a tongue-in-cheek way in his book. “I draw a hot sorrow bath… in my despair room,” he writes in “Ode to Happiness.” But from there, the over-the-top satire of his poetic book leads to laughter, a lampooning of his media image.