‘Pothole Vigilantes’ hitting California streets at night to fix potholes

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Potholes are not a rarity in the Bay Area of California, but a group of anonymous people who call themselves the Pothole Vigilantes are patching potholes there in the middle of the night, with the help of followers on social media.

In fact, roads in the San Francisco-Oakland area are the worst in all of California, and the burden is costing residents thousands of dollars as a result, according to a study released by TRIP, a national nonprofit transportation research group. 

TRIP calculated the cost to the average motorist in the San Francisco-Oakland area, and it ended up around $1,049.

“It’s really gotten bad in many parts of the city,” said North Oakland resident Rose Jarrett.

Jarrett sent KRON4 video of the street nearby where she lives — cracks and holes all over the place, one of hundreds if not thousands of streets in Oakland that could use a repavement job.

Cue the “Pothole Vigilantes,” an anonymous group patching up potholes on their own in the cover of night. 

Their Instagram page is fairly recent, showing the first before and after comparison photo on April 21. 

“Filled by your friendly neighborhood pothole vigilantes #1ofmany #potfull #pothole. Tag us in a photo of a pothole near you,” the caption read.

In a GoFundMe page, the Pothole Vigilantes say they’re “creating a platform where frustrated community members can locate, donate, and fill the pesky pot hole issues… Imagine Uber meets potholes.”

“To fix the streets of your community and to provide jobs for those who need them most…. based on user demand potholes holes will be filled faster than ever before,” the page reads. 

Instagrammers, for the most part, have been apparently welcoming of the vigilantes, thanking them and leaving suggestions on where to go next. 

“You guys are killing it. More people need to know that you’re doing amazing work, when our own city is lagging,” one person commented. 

“Residents of the area thanking you for your fixing these Perkins craters that have been a pain point for EVER!!!” another wrote. 

“You guys are like Batman and Robin,” another person commented. 

According to the group’s GoFundMe page, they are hoping to raise money to continue to fill more potholes. 

“Mira Vista Ave needs a vigilante visit! what’s your favorite beer?!” another person suggested as an alternative form of payment.

The mayor’s proposed plan is to spend $100 million with $25 million of that going to main streets within the town and $29.6 million going to the most economically deprived areas of the city.

Those include East Oakland and the Central Fruitvale District.


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