Arrest video sparks overnight protest in Rock Hill


ROCK HILL, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Video of an arrest by Rock Hill Police is spreading fast on the internet and the community is fired up about whether the actions by the officers were justified.

The video now has over 62,000 views and that number continues to grow.

“I’m just so upset. I just want to know what’s going on,” Liah Mack, the mother of the two men arrested says. “I just don’t understand how somebody can do brutality to somebody’s children..”

Ricky and Travis Price were the men seen being arrested in the video, lying on the ground under several Rock Hill police officers. 

LINK TO FULL ORIGINAL VIDEO ON FB. Please be aware that there is profanity and the content of this video might be disturbing.

Police claim it was a traffic stop of a suspect they knew well and when they searched his car, they found two bags of marijuana on the driver’s door. 

“The man… he just was kicking and hitting my son and my other son just came up to ask what happened, what was going on and then they started fighting him,” Mack said in tears. “I just don’t understand it.”

Video recorded on Facebook Live shows two men, one in a green shirt and the other in a blue shirt. 

Police claim Travis, in the green shirt, tried to interfere and was non-compliant when asked to put his hands behind his back and then wrestling started.

Off to the side, police say they tried to help Ricky, in the blue shirt, remove his jewelry, but in the process, they claim he tried to escape and hit the officer several times.

Once the fight hits the ground, one officer starts hitting him repeatedly. 

“For a young man that I saw being in total compliance and in 2.5 seconds lying on the ground with his face bloody. Absolutely appalled,” Rock Hill’s NAACP chapter president Dr. Norma Gray says. She rushed over to the Rock Hill police department after she saw the video demanding answers.

“But when you see injustice, I don’t care what line you’re on. Injustice is injustice and that was blatant injustice so I immediately stepped into my NAACP role and definitely had to step up for this young man. I certainly am waiting to see the body cam because there are angles I’m not going to be able to see, but what I was able to see it shows that something clearly went wrong,” says Gray. 

Former law enforcement officer and civil rights attorney Walter Bowers says the video is still premature and very upsetting to see but protestors have to look at all angles. 

“You have to get past all of your emotions and you have to ask all the questions, you got to walk through the factors, were they lawfully detained at that moment were they under arrest at that moment. The body cameras should be able to give us some clearer information as it relates to body position, what was being said, what they were being detained for and things of that nature,” Bowers says. 

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