Rep. Russell Fry wants Biden to appoint Trump to oversee Afghanistan withdrawal


Courtesy: Russell Fry/Facebook

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Representative Russell Fry wants President Joe Biden to appoint former President Donald Trump to oversee the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In a statement, Fry said the move should be done “in a spirit of true bipartisanship.” Fry asked South Carolinians to pray for the safety of Americans in Afghanistan. He also said the loss of American life was “predictable” and “preventable.”

“My heart goes out to the families of the U.S. service members killed today in Kabul, plus the thousands of Americans and our allies who remain stranded behind enemy lines,” Fry said in a statement.

“During last year’s campaign, Joe Biden told us he wanted to work in bipartisan cooperation,” he said. “Over the past 218 days, he’s only achieved that once, through universal condemnation of his ineptly led withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

Fry called on Biden to live up to his words and said Biden needs to use “every resource available to get our people home.”

“I call on Joe Biden to set aside political differences and, in a spirit of true bipartisanship cooperation, appoint Donald J. Trump as his special envoy to oversee the Afghanistan withdrawal,” Fry said.

Earlier Thursday, Rep. Tom Rice called on Biden to resign.

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