Vandals smear SC businesses in ‘John Deere Green’


CHEROKEE CO., S.C. (WSPA) – Vandals have struck several businesses in Cherokee County, writing names that aren’t theirs.

Pictures of the graffiti have gotten a lot of attention on social media, and police are working to track down those responsible.

7 News talked to affected business owners about the extra work this has created for them.

Walls, signs, and garage doors, all across Cherokee County, share the same message: “KMAC loves Brandi.”

But this profession of love was not welcomed by the owners of the property on which its written.

“I was just like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ Big eye-sore. You couldn’t miss it,” Alicia McDaniel with Perry’s Tire Service said. “We had to pay somebody to come clean it and repaint the door.”

It’s money Alicia McDaniel wasn’t expecting to have to spend.

“We work hard. Everybody works hard here to have what they have, and to see someone come in and vandalize your property that you work hard at, and then have to spend money that you’ve worked hard to earn, it’s just an inconvenience and very aggravating,” McDaniel said.

And McDaniel’s business wasn’t the only one hit.

Ham’s Grill & Grocery–owned by the Blacksburg Police Chief himself–and Bronco Mexican Restaurant also fell victim to the vandalism.

“We just got this place painted,” Christopher Angel with Bronco Mexican Restaurant said. “It really is an inconvenience, because we’ll have to get the people who painted the building to come back out and paint it again.”

Christopher Angel told 7 News it’s a waste of their time.

“I mean, what do they have to gain from it? That’s what I don’t get,” Angel said.

And while the obvious suspects would be KMAC and Brande, police told 7 News they aren’t the culprits.

“We do know KMAC and he’s a good guy,” McDaniel said. “He would never do anything like this.”

“He came forward immediately and said, ‘I didn’t have anything to do with this, nor did the other person,’” Blacksburg Police Chief Jamie Ham. “It was somebody trying to get those two people in trouble, by putting their names out there.”

Police told 7 News they have some folks in mind and expect to make an arrest next week.

“2020, there’s video everywhere. So, if you do something, you’re going to get caught,” Chief Ham said.

And while it cost her some extra money, McDaniel said she can’t help but find a little humor in the vandal’s choice of color.

“It was John Deere green,” she said. “Joe Diffie would be proud.”

If you’ve been impacted or have any information about the vandalism, you’re asked to contact the Gaffney Police Department.

Police said those responsible could face a fine and some time in jail, plus restitution.

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