White House warns of risk of cyber attacks over Labor Day weekend


SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) — The White House is urging companies and individuals to be extra cautious this holiday weekend as cyber attacks continue to target Americans. While FBI and CISA officials say there are no direct threats at this time, cyber attacks tend to rise on holiday weekends, when security centers are less staffed.

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To help combat the risk of ransomware, phishing or other attacks, experts recommend taking specific steps to better hacker-proof yourself, your data and your money.

“They’re trying to get money out of you, one way or another,” Phil Yanov, the founder of Tech After Five, said.

The first step recommended by experts: Set up two-factor authentication on your accounts.

“The bad guys, if they look and you have an account that has two-factor authentication, they pass you by,” Yanov said. “There are easier pickings than trying to get through your two-factor authentication.”

Then, update your passwords. Passwords should be long and complicated. Yanov recommends password-keeping services, which will keep up with complex passwords for users,

Family photos, important documents and financial records can all be lost in a ransomware attack. To protect from loss, experts suggest frequently backing up important files to an external hard drive or to the cloud.

Finally, keep all phone and computer software up to date. If applicable, make sure antivirus software is running, too.

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