GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A group of North Carolina legislators decided to put the brakes on eliminating licensing boards for various occupational professions.

Representatives told WNCT’s Kelly Byrne they want to look deeper into the matter before making a decision since it greatly affects various professions.

The proposed bill would eliminate license requirements and select state boards for certain professions. They include podiatrists, acupuncturists, locksmiths, public librarians and athletic trainers.

Katie Flanagan, ECU’s director of athletic training, said the bill would have been catastrophic if passed.

“For me to call myself an athletic trainer in the state of North Carolina, it means I have a standard that I have met, and I’ve been vetted and I’m clear. So that’s good. If you take that away, anybody could step in and do that,” explained Katie Flanagan.

Moving forward, Representative Jon Hardisterm told Byrne the Commerce Department or program evaluation division may take a look at it.

The panel will not make a decision regarding the licensing in the short session this year.

Many representatives and senators said these are issues which need to be further examined before a decision can be made on whether to eliminate or consolidate licensing boards.