GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Lawmakers are looking to crack down on highways but not for speeding drivers. A new bill targets slower drivers.

House Bill 827 or the use of passing lane bill is looking to get slower drivers out of the left lane and into lanes.

Bill sponsors say that by adding and enforcing a financial punishment to North Carolina highways, they can help eliminate the number of accidents caused by drivers passing in the right lane.

The specifics of the bill say the driver has to be going the speed limit. Anything under the posted limit is when an officer can radar you and pull you over for not going fast enough. The penalty? A $200 fine.

9 On Your Side spoke with people in the area about their thoughts regarding the bill and some said they can see the benefit of having it on the roads.

“If you’re in the left lane and you have the ability to get over into the right lane and traffic isn’t that thick and you have a line of traffic behind you, it seems the most courteous thing to do would be to get over and those people can decide if they want to get a speeding ticket or not,” said Chaz Seman, North Carolina resident.

Others had more rash feelings towards it, especially with this week being the continuation of the ‘Obey the Sign or Pay the Fines’ initiative, where officers are cracking down on speeding no matter the rumored buffer zone.

Sponsors hope to have the bill in effect if passed as soon as December 2017.