CARTERET COUNTY, N.C. (WNCT)–Tide levels were also affected by today’s historic eclipse and citizen scientists along the coast with the NC King Tides project worked to document the high water levels.

During an eclipse, the sun, moon and earth are in alignment, which causes higher than normal water levels.

The NC King Tides project is snapping the shore to see the future. The project is part of a global initiative to document high tides. The photos create awareness and understanding about coastal flooding and how to prepare.

“King Tides are predictable so we know when they’re going to occur,” Dr. Christine Voss said. “Our wind effects here are so strong that it’s possible we don’t have our highest water levels when the astronomical signal or the King Tide is predicted.”

The photos can help scientists visualize how “normal” high tides could look in the future due to sea-level rise.

“It’s also a helpful way for community planners to gauge where in their communities they might have problems with higher water levels so they can better plan out into the future,” Mary Grace Rowe, a technician with the project, said.

Even though the eclipse is over it’s not too late for you to get involved in the project.

Project leaders encourage folks to take pictures of any high water level event and upload them to their website.

To help you take the best photo, project leaders have a few tips, including incorporating a stable object into the shot.

“If there is a vertically stable benchmark like a piling or pier you can use that in the photo and that just helps us go back,” Anna Clabaugh said.

But when taking your pictures stay alert to slippery surfaces and weather conditions.