NCSHP provides update into promotion process review


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCT) On June 26, members of the State Highway Patrol received notification the organization’s promotion process had been put on hold due to an allegation the testing process had been compromised.

Based on the serious nature of the allegation, an internal investigation was immediately initiated, officials said.

Contact was made with N.C. State University, the promotion process Program Administrator, to make them aware of the complaint and to request that they conduct an independent investigation.

“The integrity of the promotion process is of the utmost importance,” said Colonel Glenn McNeill Jr., commander of the State Highway Patrol.  For that reason, and in recognition of the potential impact to those members who participated in the current promotional process, I am providing the following updates.”

  • N.C. State University is continuing its internal audit and officials anticipate they will provide their findings.
  • On June 25 Ms. Unber Ahmad, the graduate student who was employed by N.C. State University to assist with the promotion process, and who was also participating in the Highway Patrol internship program, was removed from the Internship Program and, since her removal, has had no further affiliation with the Patrol.
  • NCSHP has decided not to publish the 2019-2020 promotion list provided by N.C. State University.
  • The entire promotion process is currently under review. Based on the review, NCSHP will take steps necessary to refine and improve the process used by the Patrol for future promotion opportunities. In addition, effective July 15, the promotion process will reside under the Professional Standards Section of the Patrol. 

“It is without question that this organization is committed to maintaining high standards of credibility, integrity, and fairness in each of its practices and the promotion process is no exception,” said McNeill.  Please know each step forward will be taken with great care to ensure that the process utilized for promotion opportunities is unimpeachable and in the best interest of our members.”


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCT) The North Carolina State Highway Patrol said that promotions are being put on hold while Internal Affairs investigates an allegation that the promotional testing process was compromised.

“I am saddened and concerned about the allegation,” SHP Colonel Glenn McNeill stated. I take this allegation seriously and directed for the internal investigation to get underway without delay.”

Promotions are being put on hold until further notice as a result of an anonymous allegation, officials said.

The allegation was received by the Highway Patrol on June 20.

After meeting with N.C. State University officials the following day, Colonel McNeill decided to initiate an Internal Affairs investigation.

The Highway Patrol, in partnership with N.C. State University, developed the formal promotional process which consists, in part, of written exams involving job task scenarios and knowledge of Highway Patrol policy and procedures.

The exams and other relevant factors are used to create annual promotional lists which normally become effective at the beginning of each new fiscal year.

According to a press release, on June 26, the Highway Patrol notified members of the Highway Patrol that the promotional list would not be released on July 1 as anticipated.

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