New Bern enforces two-hour parking for downtown streets beginning Monday


In New Bern, the city is now enforcing a two-hour limit for parking on downtown streets.

Monday started with a warning.

On Tuesday, there will be a $25 fine for violators.

If you do not pay the fine after 30 days, it increases to $50.

The limit will be enforced Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The limit applies to about 400 parking spots along downtown streets.

9 On Your Side spoke with business owners impacted.

Owner of Bespoke Custom Florals, Connie Harbby, said she welcomes the change.

“We have lost business before because it is difficult,” Harbby said. “We have had people come into our shop and say that they haven’t been able to find parking and we have gone on to someplace else.”

However, Marisa Pantall, waitress at The Grill at Prohibition, thinks it will hurt their business.

“It is disappointing,” Pantall said. “We do have a lot of customers that just walk down the street and come into eat, and it is disappointing because I feel like we are going to lose out on a lot of those customers that are now concerned about the time restraint.”

People also have the option of parking in one of three free public parking lots for an unlimited amount of time.

First ward Alderman Sabrina Bengel said while she understands peoples’ concerns, nothing is set in stone.

“We are trying it, as we need to tweak things, we will tweak them,” Pantall said. “We haven’t dug our feet in for anything, but we had to do something.”

Harbby said whatever the city lands on, she hopes it benefits her shop on Pollock Street.

“Hopefully encourage more people to come downtown and do business with us,” Harbby said.

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