New bill could ease gun restrictions on college campuses


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Some North Carolina lawmakers want to ease gun restrictions on public universities.

State lawmakers have filed a bill that would ease gun restrictions at places of higher education.

The bill would allow for concealed carried guns at UNC public institutions and community colleges.

Only those with concealed carry permits would be allowed to legally have a firearm on campus.

Representative Kyle Hall is a sponsor of the bill.

“I believe one’s constitutional rights should not end simply for walking onto a college campus, said Hall. “Law abiding citizens who go through our state’s very thorough process should be allowed to protect themselves, even while on our college campuses.”

Some East Carolina University students think the bill is a little much.

Erica Paulosky is a student at ECU.

“Its kind of unnecessary here on campus we’re going to class, we’re going to the library, we’re studying, we’re just like walking around so i don’t get why we would need a gun on campus,” said Paulosky.

For Elizabeth Merriam the feeling is a little different.

Merriam said, “I feel like as long as they the license, they have the permit for it, they should be able to use it and have it with them.”

In a statement ECU Associate Vice Chancellor Bill Koch said:

“Concealed carry permit holder training involves limited use of the weapon and little or no tactical training. If there was an incident, I would much prefer highly trained law enforcement officers responding to an active shooter on campus without the added confusion of distinguishing between the shooter and lawful gun owners.”

The bill is set to be formally proposed on Monday when the House reconvenes.

To view the full bill as it is written click here.

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