New case of overheating iPhones now reported


HOUSTON, T.X. (WNCT) – A Texas father is now warning other Apple iPhone users after he said his daughter’s phone overheated and burnt her.

Randy Veazey said the iPhone 6-plus was in his daughter’s pocket when it began to overheat.

“Smoke was billowing out. It smelled really bad,” he said.

This isn’t the first report of a problem like this. In October, a New Jersey college student’s iPhone 6-plus exploded in his back pocket.

This comes at a bad time for Apple, who was looking to take advantage of Samsung’s misfortunes for similar problems.

In September, federal safety regulators had to recall one million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after users reported the device caught on fire while charging.

Veazey said he is now done buying phones from both companies.

“I mean, she could have been asleep, you know — you know how kids are, they could be asleep with the phone in the bed,” he said. “Even worse, it could have been laying down when it did this and everyone asleep and it could have caught something on fire.”

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