New initiative hopes to grow new Farmville businesses


FARMVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Attracting news businesses to eastern North Carolina isn’t easy.

The Pitt County Development Commission works every day to entice corporations to set up shop.

A new initiative in Farmville hopes to make the area ripe for new economic growth.

“Anything we can do to make sites shovel ready, to put us on the radar, to showcase our assets in our communities is a win for all of us,” said Kelly Andrews, Associate Director for Marketing & Recruitment, Pitt County Development Commission.

It’s just farmland now, but soon 32 acres could be the site of business, commercial, and industrial development. And more jobs.

The Farmville Industrial Park is Pitt County’s first location of the smart sites program.

Electricities of North Carolina partnered with the Town of Farmville and the Pitt County Development Commission to make the site shovel ready for economic development.

“Shovel ready is ready to go,” said Andrews. “It means that some due diligence has been done, some analytical services such as phase one environmental surveys, geo-technical audits, other things that will get the site ready to go so that there is shorter lead times, less cost involved getting a site up to speed for a company.”

And having a site ready to go is a huge advantage for Andrews and the Pitt County Development Commission as they look to attract more businesses to the east.

“It’s critical to have sites like this ready to go,” explained Andrews. “There are a limited number of projects out there and we need to be on the radar for companies and site consultants who wish to find sites for their clients.”

And with growth in eastern North Carolina, places like Greenville are on businesses radar.

With the smart sites initiative, smaller towns like Farmville can reap the rewards of growth, too.

“It’s great to see some growth in the rural areas of the community, as well, and we want to see more in our rural communities,” she said.

The Farmville site is one of Electricities’ five smart sites. The others are in Washington, Tarboro, Wilson and Statesville.

Another is coming soon to Greenville and will be located in the Indigreen Corporate Park.

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