Newborn baby dies from flakka in south Florida


FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – Throughout the year, Flakka has made headlines in Florida. It has harmful effects on users, and now the drug has claimed its youngest victim yet.

According to NBC Miami, a pregnant woman was hospitalized in Fort Lauderdale in June for unknown reasons. While there, she refused prenatal treatment. Just one week after being released, the woman prematurely gave birth to a baby boy. However, the baby only lived for an hour after being born. According to the medical examiner, the baby was only 3 lbs 2 oz. at birth.

Test results show the baby boy died with flakka in his system.

“It’s beyond comprehension. It’s unbelievable,” said, Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, of North Broward Hospital District. “To have a mom that’s pregnant actually use the drug is illogical, it’s negligent, it’s senseless. It’s a tragedy.”MORE: What You Need to Know About the Drug Flakka

The baby’s mother suffers from reported mental health issues. Neighbors claimed to see her using drugs, despite her pregnancy.

According to NBC Miami, Broward County leads the nation in flakka cases. In the past year, at least 45 people have died from flakka in Broward alone.

The mother has not been named and there’s no word on what charges, if any, she’ll face.NBC Miami contributed to this report.

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