A statewide coastal cleanup is helping to clean debris from waterways, including the town of Swansboro. 

The cleanup is a part of efforts by the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

They are sending fishermen to collect crab pots as part of their annual lost fishing gear recovery project.

The federation said the crab pots pose a danger to wildlife and boaters.

Captain Matthew Littleton who is participating for the first time, said it’s important because it’s the water he grew up in. 

“Born and bred in Swansboro; both sides of my family are from here,” said Littleton. “And I really have enjoyed seeing what I’ve got to experience and what my family, friends, have been able to experience. I want that for the future of my family.”

During the 2018 project, more than 3,000 crab pots were collected along the coast.

The initiative this year runs until February 7.