2040 Plan could reshape Charlotte: “Beautiful what they’re building, however…”

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CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – Neighborhoods could soon be changing all over Charlotte after city leaders passed a new plan that allows apartments and duplexes to be built in neighborhoods that traditionally only allow single-family homes.

Her yard is her pride and joy, even if Nilda Navdo didn’t get everything done.

“I didn’t cut my lawn before you came, but I have pride in my grass,” laughed Nilda.

She’s lived in her east Charlotte home for more than 20 years and now she’s worried the next 20 will look a whole lot different.

“That’s where we’re seeing the change,” said Nilda. “It’s beautiful what they’re building, however…”

Just a few streets over, new homes are being built and for around $400,000 each. That’s way more than what she, or her neighbors, bought their homes for.

“The solution for affordable housing is not to disrupt the neighborhood as we have here,” said Nilda.

Charlotte has been growing so much over the last 30 years and city leaders are trying to keep up. They passed a new plan, the 2040 Plan, on Monday that will allow apartments and duplexes to be built in areas that aren’t typically used for them.

“We are going to make sure that everyone in this community has an opportunity to to have a safe place to live, a good job, and the quality of live that we’d all want and this plan helps us to do that,” said Mayor Vi Lyles, on Monday.

Nilda said, she understands there needs to be affordable places for people to live, that’s why she’s in her neighborhood. She’s just worried she may be soon priced out.

We’re yelling, we do not need this. It does not matter, the vote is passed because unfortunately this community is not heard.”

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