SHELBY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Three people, including an 18-year-old and two 20-year-olds, were killed in a high-speed chase ending with a truck smashing through a home in Shelby on Sunday, according to the police department.

20-year-old Keandre Kirland of Shelby, 20-year-old Fabian Crosby of Shelby, and 18-year-old Elijah Priester of Cornelius were identified as the victims killed.

Two juveniles and a 19-year-old were also in the car.

In a series of calls released by both Cherokee and Cleveland County 911, the woman who called said that a truck had been chasing her and shooting at her vehicle while she and four others in the car — three of them her daughters — were nearing their home.

“I just came down the road, and somebody shot at my car,” she said, noting that one of her windows was broken from the incident.

The woman can be heard crying throughout the ordeal while one of her daughters was driving the car, running through red lights and stop signs to escape the truck reportedly shooting at them.

Deputies said the truck led them on a high-speed chase, which ended at Suttle Street when the driver lost control of the truck, crashing into a home and causing significant damage.

“I was in the bed about to go to sleep, and all of a sudden, I feel a big old roar,” said Franklin Batten, a neighbor. “Like something shaking. An earthquake.”

After crashing into the home, the tuck came to rest upside down.

“I just hoped everybody was ok,” Batten continued. “I didn’t know anybody had passed away, and when I found out, I felt really stressed and just wanted to sit down and pray about it.”

The homeowner, Kenneth Hoskins, said he was not in the room at the time of the crash on Mother’s Day morning; he said around 1 a.m. at his home on Suttle Street and that he was fortunate not to have suffered any injuries.

“From what I understand from police, they were chasing this car, and they said it was nearly 100 mph when I came down here and lost control,” Hoskins said.

Tire tracks and skid marks could be seen about 40 yards from the struck home.

There is no mention of any arrests.

Police said six occupants were in the vehicle, and the homeowner said several were ejected into his home after the vehicle crashed.

Law Enforcement across the border in Blacksburg, S.C., say they received a call shortly before 1 a.m., claiming that the people inside the truck had been shooting at their car.

That shooting reportedly continued all the way up into the Shelby area, where Cleveland County deputies intervened and began to pursue the suspect vehicle. They say they momentarily lost sight of the truck after it ran through a red light and sped off but found it again once it had crashed into Kenneth Hoskins’ home.

“I was in my bed… another 15 feet over, that car could have come over; it would have hit me… a lot of times, I’m sitting right where the wall was busted out,” Hoskins recounted. “That’s the third time a vehicle has run into my yard. So I don’t have my grandsons playing out here in the front yard or on the porch. I keep them in the back porch when they’re over here.”,

Police did say they believed the people in the truck were trying to kill the people in the car they were allegedly shooting at. No one in the other car was hurt.