CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It began like any other passion.

An idea turned into a hobby that later became a career that lasted a lifetime.

“So, 53 years,” said Randy Page.

Randy started calling square dances in 1970. He can’t even guess how many that would be.

“So, several thousand,” said Randy.

That number continues to grow every other Sunday at South Park Christian Church in Charlotte. It’s where Randy and the ‘Charlotte A’s’ form a square or two and sidestep the night away.

“You could have a really bad day at work or whatever, and you get to square dancing, and they turn on the music; your whole life changes,” said Theresa Rutz.

Theresa both calls and dances.

“If your mind is on something else and you make a call, you can’t do it,” laughed Theresa.

They’re an advanced group. It takes years to learn how to do all the steps. But lately, Randy hasn’t been able to do it all.

“I haven’t been dancing much recently because I broke my ankle a few months ago,” said Randy.

But even a hurt ankle can’t stop a calling.

“Nice dancing!” sang Randy.

Especially when that passion is shared by so many.