‘A future of uncertainty.’ Hotel lodging quickly cut short for some Tent City residents

North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – It’s a future of uncertainty for those who lived in Tent City in uptown Charlotte. Life in a hotel has been quickly cut short for some of those kicked out of the land they once called home.

As of right now, one option Mecklenburg County said is available for people who lived in Tent City is to call 2-1-1. Calling this number will direct them to someone who will gather information and provide them with some of the resources available right now but it may not provide them with a room right away, officials said.

FOX 46 spoke with Treysure Steel, who is a mother and lived near Tent City. Her belongings were destroyed when she had to evacuate the area.

“There were several rules to be apart of the program. One, you had to be in the north encampment when they took the names. They said there were 140 slots for those that were accounted for in the north encampment which meant the area wrapping around the Urban Ministry, a lot of us, didn’t want to be front and center at the Urban Ministry, that’s where a lot of drop-offs, where a lot of people had kids, jobs and stuff,” Steel said. “Didn’t want to be in the forefront, so we were further down the street and weren’t accounted for.”

Steel was able to get a hotel room with her children through a non-profit organization and they’ve taken it upon themselves to house others who had no place to go.

A group, Feed The Movement Charlotte, said they are also helping homeless people living near Tent City who said Mecklenburg County did not include in the homeless count. The group took it upon themselves to house about 27 of those people for a few days but ran out of money.

They said they were trying to get the people rooms through the county or at Urban Ministry Center, but right now no county hotel rooms are available and a space at the shelter is limited.

“I want the county to stand up. This is the county’s initiative, they can, they evicted folks with no real plan. The numbers that they throw out are not factual, there are so many folks out there than the 200. There were folks at work and they were missed for the count, so there are different reasons as to why these people were caught,” Tatiana Marquez said.

Right now, some groups are trying to get in contact with someone from Mecklenburg County. In the meantime, Urban Ministry, which is a group that provides shelter and resources, said no more county rooms are available and space at the shelter is limited.

About two weeks ago, Mecklenburg County offered more than 200 homeless people a free hotel room for 90 days. In Tent City, everything they owned was destroyed as crews worked to address a massive rat infestation.

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