Bill to help cut down on robocalls moves forward in Raleigh

North Carolina

It’s probably something we can all agree on, we hate getting robocalls!

Lawmakers from all over the country have been working to end them and North Carolina is no exception.

A bill introduced in Raleigh could hang up on these phone scammers.

For Courtney Battle — a day with the kids at the park in Greenville is usually interrupted, she says she gets around 6-8 robocalls a day and she’s not alone, Rhonda, Courtney’s mom sees them too.

Rhonda Battle said, “He was asking me stuff about my social security number, stuff that I didn’t want to answer and I hung up and my daughter said, ‘mom that’s one of those calls.’”

In fact, an AARP survey says that about 50% of calls are scams and most Americans get at least 10 a week.

Courtney Battle described some of the types of calls she gets, saying, “Interest rates ones, I got a couple that said I owe money to the IRS and some just hang up.”

A bill that has just passed the House in Raleigh is looking to crack down on scammers who use local numbers, something that the Battle family says needs to be addressed.

The bill is co-sponsored by Chris Humphrey, who represents Pitt and Lenoir counties.

It would slap scammers with fines with the hope that they’ll stop.

Humphrey said, “$500 for the first violation, $1000 for the second, $5000 for additional so hopefully it will be a deterrent if anything.”

He says robocalls is something he hears about all the time from people here in the East.

Courtney said, “It’s just making me have to screen my calls.”

But, a big part of it relies on you reporting the scam callers to the attorney general.

For now, the best thing to do is just hang up.

The bill still has to go to the Senate and then to the Governor.

If it is passed, it would go into law later this year.


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