CONCORD, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Bodycam video has been released in connection to the fatal shooting of a suspect by a former Concord police officer at a Nissan dealership back in February.

In late August, the Cabarrus County District Attorney’s Office announced former officer Timothy Larson would not face any charges in the deadly shooting.

The Aug. decision by the DA was made after a review of the SBI’s investigative report that contained bodycam video, dashcam video, statements from Larson, responding officers, and first responders, as well as surveillance of the dealership, crime scene photos, and investigative documents.

An autopsy revealed Brandon Combs, 29, was shot five times by former officer Larson. Combs was killed on February 13, 2022, when police said he tried to steal a truck from a Nissan dealership.

Combs had smashed a glass door at the dealership and had taken several key fobs and personal articles from the desks and lockers of the employees, the DA’s Office said.

In the newly released bodycam video, you can see former officer Larson approaching Combs while he was sitting inside a Nissan Frontier truck at the dealership.

The DA’s Office said Combs was wearing dark clothing, sitting in the driver’s seat, and had been released from jail about 36 hours prior. They said Larson wasn’t aware Combs had a felony fugitive warrant pending from another state and several felony convictions on his record.

The DA’s Office said former officer Larson gave several commands to not move and tried to order him out of the truck. In the bodycam video, you can hear Larson shout repeatedly for Combs to get out.

Throughout the encounter with Combs, Officer Larson issued 15 verbal commands to Combs. Combs ignored these commands and did not comply.


The newly released video shows Combs jumping out of the truck and running to Larson’s police vehicle and getting into the driver’s seat of the SUV.

The DA determined that former officer Larson ‘was in imminent danger of death’ during the encounter with Combs. They said Combs attempted to steal the former officer’s police SUV in an effort to flee from the felonies he had just committed at the dealership.

Larson, knowing that his police SUV was equipped with an AR-15 assault rifle within reach of Combs, attempted to stop Combs by running to the front of the vehicle, the DA’s Office said.

Officer Larson immediately heard Combs rev the police SUV engine and feared that Combs was going to run him over. In response, Officer Larson fired into the vehicle in an effort to stop the threat.


In the video, Combs is seen turning on the SUV, and seconds later, several shots are fired by Larson.

The DA’s Office said fearing for his life, Larson fired five rapid shots through the front windshield of the police SUV, then heard the engine roar louder as if the gas pedal had been pressed all the way down. Larson called in “shots fired, shots fired” and then quickly fired one more shot. 

Combs was later pulled from the SUV by police and given aid until EMS arrived. He was taken to the hospital where he passed away from his injuries, authorities said.

The DA’s Office said evidence shows that former officer Larson did not utilize excessive force when he fired his weapon into the police SUV that they said ‘was pointed at him a few feet away.’

Larson was later fired for what officials call ‘untruthful statements’ about the fatal shooting. Combs’ death was ruled a homicide, according to documents released in August.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Combs’ mother, Virginia Tayara, filed a wrongful death lawsuit in August 2022 against Larson and the Concord Police Department.

Statement from Tayara’s attorneys:

Of course we’re disappointed. But we’re not surprised. We saw the same willingness to ignore the facts and the law during the Andrew Brown case and we’re seeing it here.

It’s clear that District Attorney Vaneekhoven doesn’t care about the facts. She doesn’t care that Officer Larson shot Brandon Combs four times, paused to call it in, and then shot him again just to make sure he was dead. She doesn’t care that a medical examiner’s office investigation ruled Brandon’s death a homicide. She doesn’t care that Brandon was unarmed or the fact that body camera video shows that Larson was never in the path of the vehicle which means, according to the law, he was in no danger. She doesn’t even care that Officer Larson lied to the agents investigating this shooting.

District Attorney Vaneekhoven thinks that kind of brutality, disregard for human life and contempt for the rule of law is just fine if you wear a badge.