Bodycam video shows CMPD officer jump into action to help mom, daughter in distress

North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- Recently, we’ve seen police bodycam video reveal questionable behavior of an officer on someone. But, not this time.

This is a story of one officer who helped save a life when seconds counted and it was all captured on his body-worn camera.

It started out a normal day patrol for CMPD Officer Christian Becker, but quickly turned to anything but normal. He was driving down E. WT Harris Boulevard September 17, 2020, when he saw a commotion on the side of the road.

“She flagged me down on Harris and I immediately pulled my vehicle over,” said Officer Becker.

It was a mother frantic yelling that her daughter was threatening suicide in a nearby creek. Officer Becker stopped his patrol car immediately and jumped out of his car.

“She took off running and I followed mom.”

In an exclusive video obtained by FOX 46, Officer Becker’s Body Cam footage shows him take off in a dead sprint after the mother on a trail parallel with the creek. As he turns the corner to the creek he sees the young woman, who jumps into the water.

Without hesitation Officer Becker jumps right in after her and brings her to shore. It took less than 10 seconds by the time Officer Becker saw the woman until he safely rescued her.

“It was just kind of a reaction. She jumped in and I jumped in after her,” said Officer Becker.

Officer Becker is a being hailed a hero for that quick reaction, but he doesn’t look at himself that way.

“It was a mother and daughter in distress and I did what I could do to help them. To be honest I didn’t think too much after it. It’s just part of our job that we do on a daily basis and that’s all throughout the country you have police officers doing acts like that all the time.”

It may just be all in a day’s work for a police officer, but Officer Becker knows how how precious life is and how special it is being a parent.

“You know I have children and I know if my children were in distress I would want somebody to do the same for them.“

Split second thinking that saved a young life and preserved dreams for the future.

“I know that at the end of the day we were able to safely get that woman daughter out of the creek and get her the help and assistance that she needed.”

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