Carolina Waterfowl Rescue investigating after more than 30 birds drop dead in Huntersville

North Carolina

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- It’s a bizarre mystery in Huntersville: More than 30 birds have been found dead and no one knows how they died.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is investigating after they say different kinds of birds of different sizes are dropping dead–literally.

They all died in Huntersville off of I-77 near Gilead Road and in the small neighborhood, people are perplexed.

One woman went out and she said she saw the bird fall out of the tree and drop on the ground dead. Now, the team over at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is trying to figure out what killed them.

“We’re investigating the cause of that, because that’s a large number of birds to die in one place,” said Jennifer Gibson, who works with the rescue organization.

They posted a picture of the dead birds on Facebook, and so far have hundreds of shares and reactions.

“Super sad. There’s some birds that try to fly into my apartment sometimes,” neighbor Lindsey Trapp said.

Many wrote their theories online, ranging from the gas leak, to 5G, to poison.

“So, we have different birds with different natural histories. Some just eat seeds; some eat worms, so it’s not really a food thing,” Gibson said.

Gibson and her team at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Indian Trail take care of all sorts of birds, but these ones they sent to a lab for further investigation.

“It could be something as easy as a landscaper put down some chemicals and the birds got into it, but there’s also the pipeline — if that’s leaking — they’re very sensitive to fumes and stuff,” she said.

There are various factors, but their biggest concern is avian influenza. They plan to revisit the site, and come to a conclusion within a few days


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