The new year is ushering in a new way to shop for healthcare.

A new federal law is making it easier to figure out how much it’s going to cost to fix your healthcare costs.

Theoretically, the days of sticker shock are over.

Beginning today, hospitals will have to post their prices online for all of the services they provide.

That means you will be able to compare prices between hospitals like WakeMed, REX Hospital and Duke Healthcare to find out where you will save the most money while still receiving the same high level of care. It may also turn out that it costs less to stay at your hometown hospital such as Mariah Parham Health.

North Carolina is actually ahead of the curve on this law with the Department of Health and Human Services posting average prices since 2014. This new law streamlines that process.

While that may seem easy enough, the process at some hospitals could leave you feeling a little nauseous sorting through thousands of different pricing options for different services.

Some hospitals actually have as many as 50,000 services listed.

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