ENFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) — Enfield Mayor Mondale Robinson has asked Gov. Roy Cooper to declare a state of emergency in response to threats of domestic terror.

Mayor Robinson will host a press conference on Tuesday to address dangerous threats that he and the community have received.

CBS 17 previously reported that Robinson helped topple a confederate monument after the town commissioners voted to alter it last month.

Robinson then brought in a bulldozer at no cost to the city to topple the monument.

Last week, disturbing letters showed up at several homes in Enfield shortly after the monument was removed.

The letters encouraged readers to pray for white people and promoted a group called the Loyal White Knights.

Photo from Mondale Robinson

At the press conference, Robinson is expected to call on the Governor to declare a state of emergency and to take action to increase safety measures to protect Enfield residents.

Deana Harley, Judith Retana and Chloe Rafferty contributed to this article.