CONCORD, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It was a close call for a Concord student after she was nearly hit by a police cruiser while getting off a Cabarrus County school bus.

It’s a video that would enrage any parent.

“And when I saw that, it’s like my heart sank,” said the 15-year-old’s grandma, Joyce Palmerin.

It shows the 15-year-old student getting off the school bus, nearly being hit by a vehicle passing on the right. Even more shocking was that the SUV was a marked Concord Police cruiser.

“What was he doing while he was driving?” Palmerin questioned. “Knowing that he is a man to be out here to protect us.”

The teen hesitates before crossing the street, which can be seen in the video below:

The family tells Queen City News it was that moment the bus driver saw the driver wasn’t stopping and got the girl’s attention, possibly saving her life.

“We’re just grateful that she’s okay,” Palmerin said. “But my feeling is that I still feel that somebody needs to be accountable for that.”

Palmerin says she reached out to the Concord Police Department this morning.

“They transferred me to the watch commander, and he never returned my call,” she said.

Officials say the department knows the driver and has launched an investigation. The Cabarrus County School District also reported the traffic violation to the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

They would not comment beyond that.

What needs clarification is if the bus’s lights were flashing or not.

After such a close call, Palmerin wants accountability and acknowledgment.

“He does owe her an apology,” she said. “He owes the family an apology.”

The police department did not release the SUV driver’s name.

The girl’s father tells Queen City News this is a good reminder for all drivers to pay attention and for parents to remind their kids to be vigilant.