Fort Bragg officials call mold issues with on-post housing a ‘high priority’

North Carolina

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Housing officials at Fort Bragg have taken interest in reports of mold-infested homes on-post following a report aired on CBS 17.

Within hours of Tuesday’s report on a family’s struggle with a mold throughout their home and frustration with the property management company acting as their landlord, Consumer Investigator Steve Sbraccia received a phone call from a Fort Bragg official who said they were going to make it a “high priority” to look into the problems.

Taylor Padgett said mold problems throughout her on-post housing at Fort Bragg had been dragging on since February.

As the problem got worse, she hired an independent home inspector who went through the house and found major issues with the maintenance of the home. He said they contributed to the mold problem. 

“We found a bunch of damage issues with the exterior and roofing problems,” said Don Agel of Agel Home inspections. There was cracked brick veneer allowing water to get into her child’s playroom.” 

He also found problems with the water heater and stove. 

“There is a natural gas leak at the water heater and a natural gas leak at the oven,” Agel said.

The Padgett family is currently in an on-post hotel while the property management company makes repairs.

“The assertions that Mrs. Padgett has made are inconsistent with our records,” Corvias spokesperson Mary Humphreys said in response to an email. “We responded to this family’s concern immediately, the same day the family brought it to our attention. We developed a scope of work in conjunction with our Army partner and provided the family with alternate housing and per diem to cover expenses.

“We continue to communicate closely with the family regarding the status of the work and, at this time, the family will be able to return to the home by the end of this week after the home is inspected in conjunction with our Army partner.”

In a conference call Tuesday morning with Fort Bragg Garrison Command Sgt. Major Jeffery Loehr, as well as officials from Fort Bragg’s department of public works and others, Sbraccia was told they want to hold their housing contractor accountable.

Loehr said, “When I hear the concerns from our on-post residents, we take it seriously and see the process through.”  

Regan Burke’s family was moved to two different temporary houses on-post since September 2020 after mold was found all over her original house. 

Burke said a military inspector from on-post said the home “was uninhabitable.” 

Last week, the family was finally placed into new permanent housing but was still trying to get someone to pay for the replacement of their mold-infested possessions. 

Regarding the problems being experienced Padgett, Burke, and other homeowners, Loehr said: “As the housing property management, Corvias is responsible for ensuring prompt and professional maintenance.

“If on-post residents are not satisfied with the housing service, there are a few avenues they can use to report their concern.”

There is a 24-hour housing advocate hotline military families can call. 

The Directorate of Public Works Housing Division is the advocate between Fort Bragg and Corvias. The DPW Housing Advocate Hotline is 910-908-4504 and is available 24/7. 

Military can also ask for housing dispute resolution. That is a step-by-step process that guides on-post residents through the informal or formal dispute process.

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