SANFORD, N.C. (WNCN) — A young mother, her sister, and her baby girl were all murdered on January 11, according to authorities. 

On Sunday, their family laid the three to rest.

Hundreds of family and friends filled the Sanford church to say goodbye to the young women and baby girl. 

It was an emotional afternoon with lots of tears, but family members want everyone to know just how special all of the girls were. 

Jasmine Perkins was just 20-years-old, Jocelyn Perkins was only 22-years-old. J ocelyn’s daughter Kareena, had only just entered the world six months before the killings. 

The three were found dead inside their Forest Manor home. On Sunday the family came together to pray, sing, and honor the three. 

 Kareem Taylor, 24, is accused by police in the killing of his infant daughter, the mother of his baby, and her sister. 

CBS 17 spoke with the grandmother of Jocelyn and Jasmine, and great grandmother of Kareena. 

“That’s a hard thing saying goodbye to your kids,” said Betty Blue. “Granddaughters are just like daughters. They’re living and that’s not an easy thing, but I’m coping with it cause I can understand God has made up a vision for us all.” 

The family says they don’t want revenge, just justice and they are leaving that up to God.

A  cousin, who used to babysit the two sisters, was at the funeral Sunday.

“I used to babysit them, and they will be truly missed,” Jasmine’s and Jocelyn’s cousin, Harriet Hayes said. “God bless their souls. In the name of Jesus, keep us in your prayers.”

Jasmine’s and Jocelyn’s cousin, Joyce Matthews, remembers her cousins being loved and embraced by their community and peers. 

“The senselessness of their lives being taken is just unimaginable,” Matthews said. “Even today, as we lay them to rest, we forgive. We operate in the love of Christ in which we live in. That’s what helps us get through this.”

“I’m coping with it because I can understand that God has made a provision for us all,” grandmother Blue added. “We know God, we can understand the reason of our death because we’ve all got to leave here one day.”

They hope justice will be found soon. 

“I see them as a part of who I am,” Matthews said. “We’re going to love them forever.”