DAVIDSON, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper announced Tuesday in Davidson that on Saturday, he will veto the bill that would place a 12-week-abortion ban in the state.

The Democratic governor is waiting to make it official, trying to sway just one Republican to come to his side to avoid a veto override.

The governor is appealing to the voters by going to different parts of the state, hoping people will call their lawmakers, two specifically in the Charlotte area, Republican Representatives John Bradford and Tricia Cotham.

The governor says they are two of the four lawmakers who should keep their original promises to uphold women’s rights.

Cotham switched from Democrat to Republican last month.

Once the governor vetoes the 12-week-abortion ban, the GOP has a supermajority and will likely override his veto.

However, Cotham tweeted a year ago that she would protect a woman’s right to choose.

Cooper also referred to Cotham’s speech in 2015 when she was a Democrat in the State House.

“She gave a very passionate speech on the House floor about how the government needs to stay out of women’s healthcare decisions,” Cooper said to reporters in Davidson Tuesday. “Nothing has changed since then, a party label shouldn’t change that fact, and if you want independent thought, then this is a real-time to exercise that independent thought and to stand up to your new party like you stood up to your old party.”

Queen City News Anchor Robin Kanady emailed Tricia Cotham and called her legislative office Tuesday for comment.

Kanady also emailed John Bradford; neither got back.

The other two lawmakers Cooper is trying to sway represent New Hanover County and Wilmington.