GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A viral sensation has passed away.

Eureka “Eury” the giant anteater, who called the Greensboro Science Center home, has died just a month before his 23rd birthday, well beyond the life expectancy of his species. Eury had been under palliative veterinary care for some time, according to the science center.

Due to Eury’s age, the veterinary team had been monitoring his quality of life for years. In the past week, his health had quickly declined, putting the zoo in the difficult decision to euthanize Eury on Wednesday.

“Nearing his final days, Eury the anteater drew global attention via TikTok by simply exhibiting his gentle ‘old man’ antics and innate charm,” Glenn Dobrogosz, the GSC’s CEO said. “He served as an ambassador for all anteaters, creating scientific awareness about his incredible adaptations while simultaneously opening millions of eyes and minds to the plight of all animals living in the shrinking rainforests of Central and South America.” Dobrogosz continues, “Eury single-handedly wowed guests of all ages, including a city council member who was still on the fence during our 2009 bond campaign. This interaction led to support for our $20 million dollar bond and the successful growth of the GSC. Eury will be missed by all.”

Eury had become quite the TikTok sensation over the past few weeks, his relatable reluctance to get out of bed in the mornings charming millions of viewers.

Anyone on the care staff at the science center would tell you that the unique Eury was a memorable animal to work with who loved stinky shoes, sunbathing, painting with his food and taking showers.

He had been with the center since 2008 and “will leave a giant anteater-sized hole in all of our hearts,” the Greensboro Science Center said, and it’s true.

Eury was a unique gift to Greensboro and will be truly missed.