GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — A shooting in Buffalo, New York has left ten dead and the country reeling in the wake of the massacre.

A Greensboro woman has family members who live in the same community where this tragedy unfolded. “It’s really scary,” Shanikqua Corbin said. “They could’ve been there, passing by. Stopped to go to the grocery store. That could’ve been one of my family members.”

She was enjoying the weather Sunday at Barber Park with her daughter, but her heart was heavy, thinking about the “evil” event that happened in her hometown. “Plotting to do this to an already struggling community is even more devastating.”

Officials say the 18-year-old suspect drove hours to this community to target Black lives in a Black community. This hate crime, law enforcement says, has evidence of being premeditated.

“It’s sad to say that we’re here in 2022, and you’re still dealing with such hate,” Corbin said.

Hate that now hits closer to home for Corbin and her sister. As the sisters spoke over Facetime, they discussed painful conversations they have to have with their own children.

“I explained to her the same way I explained the George Floyd incident and his murder. Unfortunately, when you have children — especially when you’re raising Black kids in America, these are things you have to teach them at a very early age,” she said.

Corbin says she believes that all parents have a responsibility to discuss racism with their children, so situations like what happened in Buffalo don’t have to keep happening.