Gun pointed at dad after he honks at Durham elementary school drop-off

North Carolina
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A Durham father says he was dropping off his son at Hillandale Elementary School Friday morning when a parent cut him off at the drop-off line, so he honked at the other driver, but the argument didn’t end there.

It’s not the first time things have gotten heated between parents at the school drop-off line. 

“I’ve seen exchange of words and like gestures,” said the Durham father.

The Durham dad says he had never experienced anything like what happened Friday. He did not want to reveal his identity but he did want to share his story. 

“You don’t think a parent’s gonna do that to another parent,” he said.

After dropping off his 6-year-old son at kindergarten, the father says the driver of a silver Kia cut him off. 

“We file out onto Hillandale and then onto Peppertree (Street) and on Peppertree it looked like he was pulling over,” the dad said. “So, I pulled on the other side to pull around and then, again tell him not to do that, and just have a polite conversation and next thing I know I’m having a gun pointed at me.” 

The Durham father says he feared for his life. 

“Once I initially saw it was a gun and stuff like that and it was that close proximity, it was one of those moments where you’re just like, ‘Oh no, I hope it doesn’t happen’,” the dad said.

The dad began to pull away and called 911. He says the driver followed behind him for a few blocks. He filed a report with the Durham Police Department. 

“They set up the lineup that day and they had video footage at the school so they could verify everything as well so it seems like they had everything well under control,” he said.

A recent survey by Gas Buddy found North Carolina has some of the country’s most aggressive drivers.  North Carolina came in at number five out of the 50 states. 

The Durham father says next time he’s cut off, he probably won’t react. 

“I’ll probably not honk my horn in the future or be as quick to honk my horn,” he said.

Durham police say the man could be charged with aggravated assault and possession of a firearm on school grounds. The principal said no staff or students were in danger. 


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