RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — One company says North Carolina has become even less safe during the pandemic — but it’s still safer than most of its neighbors.

Consumer finance company wallethub.com on Thursday dropped North Carolina’s safety ranking during COVID-19 to 35th — it’s lowest ranking since June, when it dipped to No. 39.

Source: WalletHub

Still, that’s better than Tennessee (No. 40), South Carolina (No. 46) and Georgia (No. 48).

Our state has fallen recently in the company’s rankings, from No. 23 on July 22 to No. 30 on Aug. 5. North Carolina was ranked 32nd on Aug. 19.

(Source: Wallethub.)

Wallethub says it bases those rankings on five measures — rate of virus transmission, positive testing, hospital admissions, deaths and vaccination rates among those eligible for it.

It gives North Carolina particularly low marks for a death rate that ranks 39th.