MOUNT AIRY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY HOMETOWN) — For those searching for something special or something sweet, Angela Shur’s bakery is a beacon in Mount Airy.

“Whatever we have cooking, they’ll always walk in and say, God it smells heavenly in here. Number one line,” laughed Angela.

And Angela… maybe someone sent from above.

“They don’t know who I am, they only know me as Miss Angel. Walking down the street, oh there she goes, there’s Miss Angel,” said Miss Angel, owner of ‘Miss Angel’s Heavenly Pies.’

Miss Angel.

That may not be her first name, but it’s who she is around town.

“Ask me how many flavors of pie I have,” said Miss Angel.

They are small, but there are so many.

“Forty-five. 45 flavors and I invented every one,” said Miss Angel.

All the ingredients in her pies come from her farm. That draws people from everywhere.

“Where are you guys coming from?” asked Miss Angel. “Nebraska! Oh wow, I’ve not had anyone from Nebraska yet.”

She was raised by bakers in Brooklyn but was never formally trained.

“I can actually smell it, it’s weird. You can smell the product as it’s getting done,” said Miss Angel.

She’s been in Mount Airy for 14 years and this past year has been a tough one.

“Sorry guys my arms are in slow gear right now,” said Miss Angel, while rolling some pie crust. “The flour sometimes aggravates the lung and it stays in the lung, so I just found out I had baker’s lung.”

She has to wear a mask when working with flour in the kitchen, but it’s not just that. After getting COVID, something else settled into her lungs. It was scary for a while, she wasn’t sure if she’d get better.

“I was really concerned, I’m still, I’m on 21-day medication treatment right now. Very expensive medicine, I’m still a little concerned but I’m not going to let it take over what I’m doing,” said Miss Angel.

Just like the heart on her jacket and the one above her counter, it’s the little moments and conversations that make life so sweet.

“I don’t take certain things for granted, I take the little things to heart, and I put my heart in that.  That’s where the heart comes from!” smiled Miss Angel.